Stereotypical Addict Image Created by the Media

There is a common misconception that has been created by the media; a misconception that says addicts are homeless people living on the streets who drink from bottles wrapped in a paper bag. However, this stereotype is extremely dated, and it should be noted that absolutely anyone could fall victim to a drug or alcohol addiction. Millions of individuals around the world are affected by addiction, regardless of age, gender, race or religion. As well as this, many celebrities have revealed that they too have battled addiction, with former EastEnders actress Danniella Westbrook being one such individual. She has famously struggled with a cocaine addiction for many years.

Not Had the Easiest Life

Forty-three-year-old Danniella is well known for battling a severe drug addiction that resulted in her septum collapsing in 2000 due to excessive cocaine use. She has not had the easiest life and has been in and out of rehab on many occasions. Danniella finally thought she was going to be able to turn things around after bagging herself a job at Lip Couture, a teeth whitening salon in Liverpool; however, she was fired on her first day because of ‘hygiene’ issues. It was revealed that there were strewn bloodied tissues all around the salon which had been used to clean her fragile septum, and she was also late on her first day.

Hygiene Element

Nicole Francis, the owner of Lip Couture, explained, “Unfortunately, day one of her starting at the business she turned up late and was all over the place. She left tissues on the side with blood and anything else coming out of her nose in a clinical room, so I said to cover it for hygiene purposes. This was the only reason we did not go ahead with the treatment. It was the hygiene element and nothing to do with her appearance.”

Nevertheless, she added that she would possibly consider working with Danniella again at some point in the future.

Toxic People

Earlier this week, it was reported that Danniella had become homeless as she had not been keeping up with her rent payments. A source told the Daily Star that the former EastEnders actress has been staying ‘here, there and everywhere’ over the past weeks, but she is apparently looking for a new home up North. The source said, “She’s been busy viewing but hasn’t found her new home. Obviously, timing isn’t great with it being so close to Christmas, but she isn’t rushing into anything and is staying with friends and family over the festive period. Danniella now has a whole new team around her after spending a lot of 2016 surrounded by toxic people.”

Back on Track

At the peak of her drug addiction, Danniella was reportedly consuming up to five grammes of cocaine every day – this means she would have spent nearly £250,000 on the hazardous substance. Danniella was committed to overcoming her addiction once and for all and she seemed to be back on track after appearing on Celebrity Big Brother. Nevertheless, her social media and email accounts were hacked by trolls, and they uploaded many cruel posts insisting that Danniella had relapsed again, which left the star upset, angry and hurt.

Overcoming an Addiction

Cocaine addiction is something that can affect anyone who uses the drug and it can destroy lives. If you have concerns about a loved one who you may suspect is abusing drugs such as cocaine, then get in touch with us here at Blue Skies Recovery. We specialise in helping individuals overcome their addictions so that they can move on to lead a happy life afterwards. If you require any additional information or would like us to answer any questions that you may have, then do not hesitate to contact us today.

Source:  ‘She left her bloodied tissues out’: ‘Homeless‘ Danniella Westbrook is fired from her teeth whitening job after ONE day because of her ‘hygiene’ (Daily Mail)

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