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BlueSkies believes in the healing power of 12 Step Treatment and uses the principles of the program to arrest the obsessive thought patterns that addiction sufferers experience. We combine this powerful treatment methodology, along with other holistic approaches and integrative counselling, to achieve maximum results. 12 Step Treatment has been proven one of the most effective ways of overcoming active addiction. It focuses on healing the individuals past and provides a useful structure for day-to-day living and the processing of thoughts and emotions in a constructive way.

12 Step was originally introduced by Alcoholics Anonymous and has successfully treated Alcoholism for over 70 years. Its success meant that is was adapted to treat drug addiction and other addictions such as Gambling, Sex and Shopping addiction, to name a few. It has also been proven to be successful in treating Eating Disorders and Co Dependency.

Its worldwide success and accessibility means that the individual can continue to receive support and practice the principles long after leaving the treatment environment.

Below we have laid out a brief history of where 12 Step Treatment originates from and how it works, so that you may gain a better understanding.  BlueSkies are happy to answer any questions that you may have that are not covered here, please do call us at any time.

The History of 12 Step

Two Alcoholics in America originally developed 12 Step in 1935. Bill Wilson and Dr Bob Smith founded the fellowship of Alcoholics Anonymous for the purpose of overcoming alcoholism, and maintaining their own sobriety and helping others to achieve the same. The 12 Steps were modelled from the Oxford Group; a religious society that had found some useful steps for a more productive and selfless way of living.

Alcoholics Anonymous adapted the original Oxford Group program to appeal to all, not just those who were of a religious denomination.  It is important to understand that the 12 Step program of Alcoholics Anonymous is not religious and has no affiliation with any religious groups or outside influences. Its benefits can be applied to all addictions and appeal to individuals from all walks of life.

The 12 Steps encourages alcoholics and addicts to take responsibility for their faults and defects and become willing to change and help support others in achieving the same.

Due to the phenomenal success of 12 Steps, other fellowships were spawned, offering a recovery program based on the original 12 Step principles of Alcoholics Anonymous.  12 Step fellowships such as Narcotics Anonymous, Gamblers Anonymous, Cocaine Anonymous, Co-dependency Anonymous and Over Eaters Anonymous are available today world-wide.

How 12 Step works

Many of the counsellors and therapists employed by BlueSkies are in recovery themselves and work a solid 12 Step program in their daily lives.  It has long since been recognised that Alcoholics and Addicts are more receptive to suggestions and therapy delivered by someone who has suffered the same or similar experiences in their past.  The fact that they have overcome their own addiction is inspiring and intriguing to those that are still suffering. Part of the 12 Step program is to impart that knowledge and experience of addiction and the 12 Steps to help others to recover. Our counsellors and therapists have the added edge that they are fully qualified in the addiction treatment field of their choice. They are able to apply a number of proven treatment modalities in addition to 12 Step, to achieve maximum results.

One of the main principles of 12 Step is for the individual to accept responsibility for their part in the wreckage of their past, and to accept their reality if they continue along the path of destruction that is addiction. The rest of the Steps encourage change and growth and give useful instructions in how to achieve this.  Change and personal growth are two vital ingredients in permanent recovery. The 12 Step program also encourages other virtues such as honesty, willingness and remaining open-minded.

The 12 Steps takes the individual through a process of change in their thinking and actions; often as a result, the compulsion to use drink and drugs or engage in other addictive behaviours is quickly removed. This is the miracle of 12 Step and why is as been so hugely successful since its original introduction over 70 years ago.

For more information on BlueSkies 12 Step treatment program, please call us or contact us through our website.  It is never too late to make the change, you can recover from addiction and we can show you how.

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