Individual Therapy

One-to-Ones at BlueSkies were very powerful for me. My counsellor was amazing at encouraging me to talk openly about things I had kept buried deep inside. I felt safe and reassured and the unburdening was amazingly freeing. My Counsellor helped me see things from an entirely different perspective and showed me compassion. After the session I would go away and think about the points the Counsellor had made, things started to click into place and make sense to me for the first time in my life!

At BlueSkies we offer each client One to One sessions with a dedicated Counsellor. We appreciate that some clients have suffered trauma and experiences that they may find difficult to talk about openly in a group therapy environment. Individual therapy provides the client with ample time to concentrate solely on themselves and the difficulties they are facing with an experienced Counsellor.

What to expect during Individual Therapy

On admission to BlueSkies you will be allocated a personal Counsellor to oversee your individual care plan and conduct any individual therapy sessions. By having the same counsellor for One to One sessions, you will be able to build a trusting relationship with your therapist. All of our counsellors are BACP registered, qualified and experienced in delivering therapies such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Psychosocial Therapy and Dialectical Behavioural Therapy. Often Counsellors will use a number of different treatment methods during one session. The session and treatment is adapted according to what the individuals specific treatment needs are on that day as well as over all. Our Counsellors take a person-centred approach to therapy, meaning that the individual is treated as a whole person, not just someone with an addiction. This approach allows our counsellors flexibility to address all areas of the individual’s life. This is imperative, as there are usually a number of contributing factors underlying an individual’s addiction and/or mood disorder. Individual Therapy usually lasts around 50 minutes and will be factored into the client’s care plan and reviewed throughout their treatment.

The benefits of Individual Therapy

BlueSkies incorporate Individual Therapy sessions into each client’s treatment plan in accordance with their treatment needs. Individual Therapy is a useful treatment tool for a number of reasons:

  • Individual Therapy provides a safe and non-intimidating space to discuss and process topics that may be too sensitive in their nature to address openly in a group setting
  • It provides the opportunity for the individual to build a trusting and therapeutic relationship with their assigned Counsellor
  • It is an opportunity to build on addressing issues that are identified within Group Therapies
  • It provides the space to work on a deeper and more intensive level with a Counsellor
  • It provides the Counsellor with an accurate idea of where the individual is at emotionally and psychologically
  • It provides the individual personal time to work on any motivational issues or barriers that are standing between them and their recovery
  • It is an opportunity to address more complex emotional and psychological problems


How individual Therapy works

At the very beginning of recovery, many issues and emotional problems are masked by addiction. As the individuals mind clears from the fog induced through abusing alcohol and drugs, the reasons they used, become more and more apparent. In order to prevent the individual from returning to active addiction, these underlying issues must be addressed. If they are not, relapse is highly likely. Removing the drugs and alcohol through detoxification is only the very beginning of recovery; a period of reconstruction and healing must follow immediately. Every client presents very different personal issues and problems and Individual Therapy sessions are tailored specifically to address this.

Depending on the length of time, the client decides to stay with BlueSkies, One to One sessions are usually offered on a weekly basis. On leaving treatment, it may be suggested that the client continues One to One therapy sessions to deal with any issues that are unresolved due to time limitations.

If you have any questions relating to our Individual Therapy or any other aspect of our treatment program, please do contact us and speak to one of our therapists.