Family Recovery Programme

The many counsellors and therapists that serve at BlueSkies are very familiar with the principle that addiction is a family problem. This principle is rooted in the truth that spouses, children, parents, and siblings all suffer when one member of the family indulges in abusive use of drugs or alcohol. Whether they knows it or not, their decision to use drugs or alcohol affects everyone around them.

Our understanding of this reality has led BlueSkies to develop a family recovery programme. Our family programme engages family members for two purposes:

  • Individual Healing Affected family members endure their own measure of psychological and emotional turmoil as a result of living with an addict. They need someone to talk to, someone who can relate to their lives, and someone who can help them understand the best ways to cope.
  • Post-Recovery The addicts who go through our recovery programmes will eventually return home. Family members need to know how to relate to them in order to support them in the short and long-terms. They also need to know how to respond in the event of a relapse.

We have come to the conclusion that it is very difficult for someone with addiction to achieve permanent and total recovery without engaging the family as well. The individual needs the support and accountability a stable family provides; family members need the help and support provided by organisations like ours.

Family-Based Treatment

Family-based treatments for addiction scenarios are based in counselling therapies. Unlike the person with dependency, family members do not have to overcome the physical results of addiction. Yet mentally and emotionally, their troubles can be very similar to what their loved one is going through. It is helpful to address those using individual and group counselling strategies.

You should know that some of the BlueSkies counsellors have extensive experience working with families. One of our counsellors specialises in the family dynamic. Furthermore, families quickly come to learn that our therapists and counsellors are genuinely concerned about them. They have a passion for making families whole while overcoming addictions issues.

Families who come to us for help can expect counsellors to walk them through the troubles they are experiencing at home. The point of this counselling is to get to the heart of family dysfunction so that it can be corrected. Nevertheless, please rest assured that everything we do takes place in an environment that makes family members feel secure and safe. Above all, we want our families to know they can trust us as we help him through recovery.

Recovery Is a Process

As a residential recovery organisation, BlueSkies provides treatments that can last anywhere from four to 12 weeks. Family counselling may or may not be as long, depending on the individual needs of each family member. Even when treatment programmes are concluded, however, the recovery process is not over. In fact, recovery is an ongoing process that can take years. This is yet another reason that family treatment is so important.

Recovery is a process that builds one successful day on the one before. Each day there are challenges to face and rewards to be achieved. There are also times along the way when temporary setbacks are encountered. We believe that families who go through our family treatment programme are better equipped to meet the recovery process head-on and, in the end, succeed.

If you are living with someone addicted to drugs or alcohol, we know you are suffering as well. Please let us help. The BlueSkies team of therapists, counsellors and support staff is standing by, ready to get involved. All you need do is contact us by phone or through this website.

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