When you arrive at BlueSkies a team member will greet you in a professional and friendly way. Recognising that coming into treatment is a big step we aim to make your admission as smooth and efficient as possible.

You will be shown around the centre and introduced to the team so that you can begin to feel comfortable. You will be given a Client Information Booklet, which will explain what you need to know about your stay with us.

It is likely that you will have previously spoken to one of our team by telephone and that our pre-admission information would have been sent to you. This will hopefully have prepared and reassured you before arriving at our service.

Admission Procedure Your first 24 hours

During your first 24 hours with us you will be assessed by one of the centre’s doctors who will prescribe, if required, a detox regime. You will meet with an admission team member who will gain information that will help us have a clear understanding of your needs so that we can support you fully during your stay with us.

Admission Procedure Your first week

You will be introduced to the counsellor who will be over seeing your treatment, as well as, facilitating individual therapy. Your counsellor will talk to you about our programme as well as assess what you might want to address alongside the addiction. You will also be given a Treatment Programme, which has all the material you will need during your stay.

Once the admission procedures are complete, our team will do their best to orientate you into the service and make sure you are introduced to your peers. We do our best to make you feel safe and welcome so that you can relax into the programme of recovery, and get the most from what we will offer you.

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Who am I contacting?

Calls and contact requests are answered by admissions at

UK Addiction Treatment Group.

We look forward to helping you take your first step.

0203 131 9148 
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