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There are many different approaches used to help those with substance and behavioural addictions turn their lives around. Some organisations adopt a purely medical approach that mainly treats the physical symptoms of addiction. Other organisations are more focused on the personal responsibility and decision-making processes of those in recovery. Still other organisations, such as BlueSkies, choose to take a holistic approach that strives for wholeness of body, mind, and spirit.

Our holistic programme starts with the understanding that human beings are more than just physical bodies. We acknowledge that behavioural and substance addictions bring with them long-lasting physical effects that need to be addressed. However, we also recognise that complete recovery also requires dealing with the mind and spirit. We believe the best way we can help is to work with our clients to address all three.

Treatment for the Body

A successful holistic programme offers treatment for the body in two ways. First is the detox stage. Detox helps to break the physical dependence on addictive substances by causing a separation that allows the body to cleanse itself of the chemicals within. This is followed up by a series of therapies that teach clients how to live healthy lives.

This second phase of treatment for the body includes things such as regular exercise and good nutrition. We put a lot of effort into healthy living because we know it fosters a mind-set that helps to achieve a more permanent recovery. When people live healthy lives, they are less inclined to engage in behaviours proven destructive to health.

It is our hope and desire that patients who learn how to lead healthy lives while in recovery continue to do so after leaving our care. Continued healthy living goes a long way toward preventing relapse.

Mind and Spirit

Research has shown us over the years that those suffering from behavioural and substance addictions have similar thought patterns that not only enable addiction, but also help to encourage it from day to day. Those thought patterns are linked to how the mind works and how the spirit embraces life. Turning those thought processes around is the main thrust of the rehabilitative therapy portion of addiction recovery.

A holistic programme embraces the mind and spirit with the understanding that the only true cure for addiction is abstinence. Nevertheless, why do the mind and spirit have to be addressed? Because those in recovery need to come to a place of understanding about their own addictive behaviours, what triggers them, how to avoid them and, most of all, the realisation that life can be incredibly fulfilling outside the realm of addiction.

The reality is that most people who enter treatment are at the point of having lost all hope. Many want to beat their addictions but do not believe it is possible. Moreover, almost all of them are fearful about a future without the substances or behaviours they are addicted to. Utilising a holistic approach that addresses the mind and spirit, along with the body, enables anyone to get beyond their fears to regain control. It enables them to learn who they are and how to relate to the world around them outside of addiction.

BlueSkies offers our holistic recovery programme administered by trained professionals who have a genuine passion and concern for each individual client. Because many of our staff have gone through recovery themselves, they know exactly what our clients are going through at every stage of the process. Our staff believe in the holistic approach and its power to completely transform lives.

Our staff of therapists, counsellors, and support workers are standing by to assist you today. If you are ready for a holistic approach to recovery, we invite you to get in touch with us. You can live a productive, fulfilling, and wonderful life free of addictive behaviours and substances.

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