About us

Why choose BlueSkies?

Addiction is not something that is easy to overcome. We understand that. Blue Skies is a drug and alcohol treatment centre in Surrey created specifically to offer clients the best possible chance at complete recovery from any number of addictions. By helping our clients achieve recovery, we are also helping them improve every aspect of their lives including relationships, family, health, and finances.

Blue Skies is located in Farnham, Surrey. Our beautiful setting provides clients with every opportunity to step back from the lives they know as addicts, and into new lives that are moving positively forward. Our Surrey location offers excellent transport links along with plenty of quiet space for introspection and successful therapy.

In addition to our peaceful and recovery-oriented environment, we also offer an extremely qualified team of counselling staff and support workers who come alongside to help each individual through recovery. The majority of our staff can draw on their personal experiences of recovery and support to relate to our clients. Every team member is genuinely passionate about helping our clients; you will see this reflected in the care and service they provide you.

What’s different Blue Skies?

Blue Skies is just one of many drug and alcohol treatment centres in the UK. So, why choose to go through recovery with us? Because we are different. We work with small groups of clients in order to provide the best possible care to each one. In addition, we have a high staff-to-client ratio that allows for the maximum number of counsellors to work with individual clients for the best possible care.

Our operational model is designed to achieve that perfect balance between appropriate care, comfort, and affordability. We also strive for accessibility as much is possible. To that end, we do not take a ‘one-size-fits-all approach’ that requires the addict to adapt to us. Instead, we adapt treatment programmes to the individual needs of each client. We offer a customisable solution that enables the individual to face his or her challenges in order to move forward with life in a positive and constructive way.

Blue Skies treatment is based around the 12-step concept that has proven highly effective since it was first developed in the 1930s. In addition to 12-step work, we also include multiple therapy opportunities that cover the full spectrum of drug and alcohol rehabilitation. Drug or alcohol Detox is the first step when necessary, followed by a series of bespoke treatments that help individual clients overcome psychological and emotional barriers in a safe environment and in a caring way.

Please note that Blue Skies understands that addiction affects the entire family. Relationships with spouses, siblings, and children are often strained to the breaking point as a result of addiction. Therefore, we also offer family workshops designed to make sure every member of the family achieves peace of mind.

Our Facilities

Blue Skies drug & alcohol treatment centre strives to make the rehab process as comfortable as possible. We offer a choice of beautifully decorated rooms, including some en suite. Our modern facility includes a large, private garden in which clients can relax and work through their problems. On-site is our fully equipped day centre, complete with treatment rooms, where daily therapies are provided.

We encourage you to contact us right away for full details on how you can start your journey of recovery at Blue Skies. Please contact us for support even if you are seeking help for a loved one, rather than yourself. Blue Skies is here to do whatever we can to help you or your loved one complete the process of recovery. We know there is a rich and abundant life after addiction; we want to help you or your loved one embrace it.