Shocking Images Show Mother Passed Out from Drug Overdose While Baby in Back of Car

Drug addictions are a huge issue here in the UK. However, they are just as big a problem in other parts of the world as well. Millions of people suffer from these devastating addictions, with many of them not realising that there are help and support readily available for them to avail of.

Someone who suffers from a drug addiction may feel as though he or she is completely alone, but this is not the case. There are many clinics and rehabilitation centres available to help anyone suffering from addiction. The addict simply needs to be determined and motivated to overcome their addiction. To successfully overcome an addiction means ensuring that one has the correct help and support available to help guide them through their journey.

Growing Problem

Shocking images have emerged from the United States showing twenty-five-year-old Erika Hurt passed out from a drug overdose in the driver’s seat of her car while her 10-month-old son is in the back seat. In the picture, you can clearly see the syringe she had used to administer the drugs still in her hand. Erika’s mother was shocked by the images and stated that her daughter left rehab not more than a month ago. This image has been shared around the world to highlight the increasing issue of America’s drug use.

Endangering Children

Erika is not the only parent to have overdosed in a car, putting their life plus the life of their child/children in danger. Another image released recently showed a couple overdosing in their car while a young child was in the back. James Acord and Rhonda Pasek have since been charged with endangering children after being found in this state by police.

Concerning Figures

Concerning figures have highlighted that, in Indiana alone, 452 people died of a drug overdose in 2014, and this number rose to 595 in 2015. Police marshal Matthew Tallent commented on these worrying figures, saying, “Parents are doing this more often with children in the car because they are doing it away from someone who is going to disapprove. This is becoming a new norm for drug users. We’re finding a lot of needles right now.”

Rapidly Increasing

Deaths linked to opiate drugs have rapidly grown in the past few years; heroin and prescription drug abuse are also on the rise. According to the US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the number or overdose deaths linked with these drugs actually quadrupled in 2014 to almost 28,700 on the figures for 2000.

Advice for Overcoming an Addiction

If you are an addicted individual, when trying to overcome a drug addiction, you may face many hurdles. You may not feel ready to give up the drugs, or you could even feel as if it will be too difficult. A lot of addicts are in denial too; many of them simply cannot face the fact that they are suffering from addiction. They have a picture of what an addict is in their mind and because they do not fit the profile, they cannot accept the diagnosis.

One of the most effective ways to deal with addiction is to research the treatments that are available to find out which one would benefit you the most. Here at Blue Skies Recovery, we can help you to fully understand your addiction, and we will provide you with information and advice regarding the treatments available. If you require any further information, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Source: ‘This is becoming a new norm’: police release shocking image of US mother overdosing in car with child to highlight opioid drug epidemic (The Telegaph)

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