Overcoming Addiction with the Help of Others

A drug addiction can have a detrimental impact on the life of the addict as well as the lives of those around him or her. In many cases, loved ones of affected individuals will have had little or no experience with addiction and will, therefore, be unsure of how to act around the addict.

This can be stressful and could eventually lead to the deterioration of once stable relationships. However, if loved ones are concerned about a friend or family member suffering from an addiction, they should support this person as best they can. In many cases, if an addict feels as though he or she has something or someone to live for, this individual will be more likely to want to beat his or her addiction.

Vicious Cycle

Former soldier Wayne Cornwall from Tottenham is an ex-rough sleeper and former heroin addict who spent thirty years of his life in a vicious cycle of crime, heroin and sleeping rough when he left the army. His story mirrors a new film that is currently showing at cinemas called A Street Cat Named Bob. The movie tells the true-life story of an ex-rough sleeper and former heroin addict named James Bowen who helps an injured cat, and a ‘friendship’ blossoms between the pair as they busk on the streets.

Trying to Overcome Drug Addiction

Cornwall moved into a flat in Seven Sisters three months ago, but for the past two years, he has been trying to overcome his drug addiction and mental health issues with the help of the SHP (Single Homeless Project), which is a charity dedicated to homelessness.

Three months ago, a black and white Tom cat jumped through Cornwall’s bathroom window and simply would not leave. He had always wanted to have a pet but was unable to due to his mental health and addiction problems; however, the cat, which he called Baby, has actually had a positive impact on his overall mental health. Baby has boosted his confidence levels and has made him feel as though he now has a purpose in life.

Responsible for Another Life

Cornwall commented, “When I first moved into my flat, all I could think about was getting a pet. I really wanted a companion, but I didn’t think I was ready to be a pet owner. When Baby jumped through my window, I was really worried about looking after him, but it’s been a revelation. I love coming home to find Baby curled up on my bed. Not only does he keep me company and make me happier, but now I have to budget buying him cat food every week “so he’s helping me with day-to-day life skills. He eats better than I do! Now I’m responsible for another life; it’s a huge incentive not to reoffend or start using again. I would hate for either Baby or myself to end up on our own again.”

Successfully Overcome Your Addiction

Many people will struggle to overcome the first hurdle in beating an addiction; this is actually admitting that there is a problem that needs to be addressed. Many addicts will be practising denial so will often refuse any help or support, meaning that they will find it extremely difficult to overcome their addiction.

Once an addict has fully committed to recovery and has acknowledged that he or she has a problem, this person will be able to work towards overcoming their addiction. Here at Blue Skies Recovery, we will ensure that you receive the best help possible if you choose our facility for your treatment, and we will make sure that you feel comfortable. Our friendly and helpful staff will go above and beyond to make sure you are successful in overcoming your addiction. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you.

Source: Cat’s vital role in helping Tottenham man rebuild life mirrors movie (North London Newspapers)

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