Heroin Addiction, Theft and Community Service

Those suffering from a drug addiction will know that this illness is not to be taken lightly. It can totally consume the individual to the point where all he or she thinks and talks about is drugs. This can be very distressing for families as their once stable relationships can begin to deteriorate as a result.

A drug addiction is an illness that can change the individual completely. More often than not, the affected person will become a shell of his/her former self, without he or she even realising it until it is too late. It is not unusual for family members and friends to say that they no longer recognise the person their addicted loved one has become.

String of Theft Charges

Twenty-six-year-old Daniel Brown has recently been ordered to carry out unpaid work after he was caught stealing £37 bottle of vodka from a town centre supermarket.

Brown pleaded guilty to stealing the bottle of vodka on 8th October 2016 from a supermarket. The crown prosecutor informed the bench that Brown had a string of theft charges and had recently been in prison because of this. It was also noted that he had approximately £1,600 outstanding in compensation orders, which he still needed to pay.


Sambreen Arif, Brown’s solicitor, told the court that her client has moved back in with his mother and is trying to sort his life out. He has recently purchased a PlayStation to act as a distraction instead of turning to drugs.

Form of Compensation

Chairman of the bench Debbie Slater sentenced Brown to a twelve-month community order and told him that he must carry out forty hours of unpaid work and repay the £37 to Morrison’s as a form of compensation.

She went on to say, “We are very impressed with what Miss Arif has said on your behalf, and we understand that you are doing your very best to turn your life around. Make the most of the support the probation service can offer you.”

Tolerance in Addiction

The more a person uses a chemical substance, the more likely it is that he or she will build up a tolerance to it. Whether it is heroin, cocaine or alcohol, once an addict has developed a tolerance, he or she will require larger doses of the substance to feel the same effects as before. This means that the individual must either increase the dosage of the substance or increase the frequency with which he or she uses the substance. The increased drug use is that which can lead to addiction.

Challenges When Overcoming Addiction

When trying to overcome an addiction, there are many challenges to face. If you are an affected individual, you might not feel ready to give up your substance of choice, or you may feel as if the substance you are addicted to is all you have left. You could lose everything because of your addiction – your home, job and even your family. However, think about the reason you would have lost all of this; your drug abuse is the primary reason behind this.

What if we told you that we could help you overcome your addiction so that you can work through your other issues and try to rebuild your relationships? Here at Blue Skies Recovery, our friendly and helpful professionals will ensure that you feel fully supported and comfortable at all times. We will educate you on the nature of your addiction and discuss the treatments that are available to you. We will make sure that the treatment you opt for will be the most beneficial to your needs. For further information, contact us today.


Source: Vodka thief battling heroin addiction must carry out unpaid work (Swindon Advertiser)

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