Concerns Over Drug Batches Circulating in UK Cities Around Christmas

There have been increasing reports of drug abuse incidents across the UK, but officials are concerned about the rise in new batches of drugs circulating in various cities. Many local councils are trying to figure out a way to tackle the issue effectively in their respective areas. One city that is currently facing an epidemic is Dundee; drug users there have been warned that there is a rogue batch of drugs doing the rounds. In light of this, a local addiction charity is reaching out to addicts to urge them to stay safe this Christmas.

Noticeable Number of Overdoses

The addiction charity in question, based in Dundee, has explained that a dangerous batch of diazepam and heroin is being sold in the city. Dave Barrie, the manager of the charity, has come forward to plead with addicts to use as ‘safely as possible’ over the Christmas period, and he issued a warning about the drug epidemic currently consuming the region. Barrie has been working with addicts for over 25 years and has said that there had been a noticeable number of overdoses and ‘near misses’ over the past few weeks.

Serious Concerns

“As a service, we have discussed the likelihood of a stronger batch of heroin or stronger batch of diazepam — known as vallies — circulating. We have been made aware of a few near misses and overdoses, which has led us to believe there is a good chance there’s a purer batch of heroin or stronger street diazepam going around,” he added.

According to Barrie, addicts have access to diazepam pills at just £1 each, which is causing serious concerns.

Readily Accessible

He explained, “If you’re buying large quantities of these drugs, it could actually work out cheaper than that. These substances are readily accessible on the streets, with heroin being purchased for as little as £10. During the festive season, there can be a particularly high-risk situation in which people are mixing drugs and alcohol. We would, of course, urge people not to use drugs, but we want people who do use them to use as safely as they can.”


He went on to say, “At this time of year, people can drink and use drugs to excess, which will put them at risk — particularly if there are stronger batches circulating. There is certainly a concern at the moment — we’ve heard anecdotally of overdoses. This spate of overdoses could mean a purer batch is being distributed. I would urge users not to mix drugs and alcohol. Make sure that someone around you is sober. If you do become concerned for a friend, please contact the emergency services to ask for advice. There are too many situations where people think a friend is stoned when they are in fact overdosing.”


If drug addiction is something that you are worried about, either for yourself or a loved one, do not hesitate to contact us here at Blue Skies Recovery. We know that illegal drugs and prescription medication are prone to abuse in all areas of the UK, and we have worked with countless numbers of individuals to help them overcome this issue.

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