Cocaine Addiction and its Connection to Debt and Crime

Drug addictions affect many people around the UK; and often, this type of addiction can have many implications for those affected, possibly even leading the addict towards a life of crime. In many instances, the addicted individual will not even realise that his or her behaviour has changed, or is changing, because of their drug use. He or she will act in a manner completely different to how they previously behaved.

Vulnerable Targets

Thirty-five-year-old Kevin Dimmock of Lincoln was sentenced four years and four months in prison after being found guilty of numerous street muggings. Dimmock had an addiction to cocaine and was spending up to £400 per week on his habit; he accrued debt because of this, which caused him to turn to theft.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Dimmock targeted vulnerable victims. Once he had stolen their possessions, he would proceed to fraudulently use his victims’ debit and credit cards in local shops. Prosecuting barrister Victoria Rose told the court that the victims included a 76-year-old man who was on his way to the shop, a 76-year-old woman who was walking to the local Co-op supermarket and an 80-year-old woman who was driving her mobility scooter at the time. Dimmock stole handbags, bank cards and cigarettes.

String of Offences

Speaking about the mugging of the elderly woman who was making her way to the local Co-op, Rose said, “It was 3pm in the afternoon. She was approached by a male. It was Kevin Dimmock. He grabbed her handbag. She struggled with the defendant and tried to stop him from getting her bag. Unfortunately, she was unable to prevent that, and she fell to the floor. The defendant ran off having taken her purse which contained cards and cash.”

Rose proceeded to tell the court that Dimmock went on to commit a string of other offences. On one occasion, he had parked his car, a distinctive purple Vauxhall Corsa with a silver roof, near the same Co-op and waited in the shadows while his 15-year-old accomplice stole the purse of a lone 28-year-old woman and then fled the scene. Another time, Dimmock tried to snatch the purse of a female student, but she shouted for help and, in fear of being caught, he ran off.

Out of Character

Dimmock pleaded guilty to three charges of theft, one charge of robbery, a further charge of attempted theft as well as four charges of fraud by using stolen bank cards. His 15-year-old accomplice also admitted charges of theft and attempted theft, but his case was passed to the Youth Court.

Sam Skinner, in mitigation, said that the offences committed were “incongruous” and added, “He is a homeowner and a married man with six children. He is a trained bricklayer, and when times were good, he would earn £1,000 a week. But his life has been bedevilled by his use of unlawful substances. He had an addiction to crack cocaine. That led him to getting into debts of £300 to £400 a week, and that caused him to commit these offences. It is out of character for him.”

Help and Support with Drug Addiction

Those suffering from a drug addiction will often find it difficult to accept help; they may even see this as a sign of weakness. However, anyone in this position should not have to feel this way. At Blue Skies Recovery, our friendly professionals will ensure that, should you chose our facility, you feel comfortable during your stay. They will educate you on your addiction and make sure that any treatments you may undergo will be those that are most beneficial for your needs. If you require any further information, contact us today, and we will be more than happy to assist.

Source: Lincoln bricklayer funded crack addiction by mugging vulnerable victims (The Lincolnite)

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