How it Can be Damaging for Loved Ones to Deal with an Addicted Individual

Dealing with the actions of an addicted loved one can be frustrating and distressing; to see someone change completely in front of your eyes as a result of excessive drug or alcohol abuse is a devastating blow. The friends and families of an addicted individual will often not know how to cope with them, and this can lead to relationships deteriorating. Often, the addict will not even realise what is happening until it is too late. An example of this is former footballer Paul Gascoigne, who has had a public battle with alcohol for over twenty years, which has led to relationship breakdowns and a downward spiral of addiction and depression.

Plagued by Addiction

Thirty-year-old glamour model Bianca Gascoigne has said that she believes her stepfather Paul needs to ‘go to rehab for a very long time’ if he is serious about overcoming the severe alcohol addiction that has plagued him for almost two decades. Bianca has recently entered the Celebrity Big Brother house to compete in the current series; in one episode, she can be heard speaking to fellow housemate Nicola McLean about the impact Paul’s illness had on their family. She admitted that her mother Sheryl has become extremely protective of her because of her stepfather’s addiction and that she tried to talk her out of appearing on Big Brother.


Bianca explained, “She was worried. She’s a very ‘mumsy’ mum; she just wanted to protect me. I think she was a bit of a scapegoat. She got blamed for a lot of it but she’s still helping him now every day, he’s a big part of our lives. If I could wave a magic wand to help him, I would.”

Nicola responded, “Alcoholism is the worst disease.”

Bianca has also revealed that she wanted to be a part of the show because she wants to show the public who she really is. She has been hit with many accusations, with some saying she is ‘living off her father’s name’; the jibes got so bad that she thought about legally changing her surname. However, she said, “Why should I change my name just to please other people?”

Rehab Stints and Hospital Admissions

Forty-nine-year-old Paul has battled a severe alcohol addiction for over twenty years and has had many stints in rehab as well as several hospital admissions during this time. It has been claimed that during the worst of his addiction he would consume up to two litres of gin and fifteen cans of beer every day, along with cocaine and Valium pills. Paul’s most recent trip to a rehabilitation clinic was in November 2016 when he was admitted to hospital yet again after he went on a two-day bender following the death of his nephew, Jay Kerrigan. When asked about this, he simply responded, “I f***ing hate being an alcoholic.”

Overcoming an Addiction

You may be in the same position as Bianca, where you are becoming increasingly concerned for the wellbeing of an addicted loved one; if so, then get in touch with us here at Blue Skies Recovery. We will ensure that this person one is fully supported during their journey to recovery and that he or she receives the treatment needed to fully overcome their addiction. Our clinic provides a relaxed atmosphere where patients will feel at home while going through treatment. On top of this, they will have around-the-clock care from our dedicated staff members. If you would like further information or have any queries, then do not hesitate to contact us today and we would be more than happy to assist you further with your enquiries.


Source: CBB’s Bianca Gascoigne expresses her fears over stepfather Paul’s drinking (Daily Mail)

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