What Is an AA Meeting Like?

Many addicts will not actively seek out help or support for their addiction as they are frightened or worried about what the whole rehabilitation process will involve. Many of these are afraid of failure and will not even attempt to recover because of this.

It can be difficult to know which would be the best recovery or addiction treatment for an affected person as there are numerous options. However, those suffering from an alcohol addiction will often find that an Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meeting is a good stepping stone.

Nerves Around the First Meeting

For someone who has never been to an AA meeting before, the initial thought of going to one can be terrifying, especially when not knowing what happens in one. In some cases, these nerves have been enough to put the individual off completely, making them change their mind about recovery before they have even tried it out.

Many people that attend an AA meeting for the first time will only be doing this for the benefit of a loved one and not because they have actually chosen to do this. It can always be scary and nerve-wracking going into something and not having any idea about it, but AA meetings are designed to make the individual feel as comfortable and as welcomed as possible.

The majority at an AA meeting will not have wanted to be there initially, and many will be watching and listening carefully for reasons as to why this is not the right option for them. They will then will go back to their loved ones and try to convince them of this too.

What Happens in an AA Meeting?

Many people will create scenarios in their head of what an AA meeting will consist of, often assuming that they have to stand up in front of a big crowd and explain their story. Nevertheless, this is not the case. AA meetings are similar to an informal social meeting where you have the option of sharing your story with others if you want or else sitting back and listening to the stories of others. No one is forced to do anything that they do not want to, or are not ready to do, at these meetings; it is not even the case of having to give a real name if that’s the way the individual feels.

At AA meetings there is no judgement, as everyone there will be in a similar position and all battling their own demons. Members can often be encouraged to speak about their experiences by knowing that the other members are going through a similar journey.

AA meetings will typically begin with readings such as the Serenity Prayer or even the Twelve Steps. Sometimes there will even be scheduled speakers talking about various related topics.

Benefits of an AA Meeting

AA meetings can significantly benefit most people looking to kick an alcohol addiction. It may be a case of the affected individual feeling motivated by seeing others who have been in the same position as him or her and who have managed to recover. Nevertheless, it is essential to realise that AA is not something that will work for every single alcoholic, and this is not something to be ashamed of either.

If you are looking to beat your alcohol addiction but are not comfortable with or confident enough to attend group meetings, please note that there are other options available. Here at Blue Skies Recovery, we can assist you in finding the best treatment for your circumstances. Call us today for any information that you may need on any of our available treatments.

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