Man’s Anonymous Poem About Addiction Helping Others Understand the Impact It Has on Families

Those affected by addiction will already know of the heartache it can cause. While those directly affected often do not realise they have a problem until the later stages, the families of those with addiction will suffer tremendously as their loved one continues to abuse drugs or alcohol – often with devastating consequences.

Addiction affects the brain, and once a person is affected, it is very likely that he or she will change behaviour-wise. Most addicts become selfish and manipulative in their attempts to satisfy their cravings. They cannot see beyond their next fix or next drink, and this is all that matters to them. Most will do whatever it takes to get their hands on the substance they ‘need’. All too often, it is the family members who suffer the most.

Heart-Breaking Poem

A drug addiction service has been sent an anonymous poem about addiction, which they are now using to help others understand the effect the illness has on loved ones. The Drug and Alcohol service at NHS Lanarkshire received the poem with a donation, with the mystery donor saying that his friend had suffered from addiction.

Support worker Craig Coyle from the service said, “The poem is from the point of view of someone who stops using alcohol and drugs after realising his mother is heartbroken by what he is doing. Just the other day, a mother brought in her teenage son, concerned about him using recreational drugs. I showed him the poem as a way of getting him to think about how it can hurt the person dependent on drugs or alcohol as well as their families. I hope it made an impact on him.”

Craig said he did manage to get in touch with the poet who is named John, but wants to stay anonymous. Craig said, “He told me the lives of his family and friends have been touched by alcohol and drugs, and he wrote the verse about the experience of someone he knows who was helped by our service.”

The Poem

I heard my mother crying

As I passed her bedroom door

It was early in the morning

About three or maybe four


I knew her heart was broken

She had given up all hope

I’d been sitting round the mate’s house

Drinking beer and smoking dope


She used to walk, her head held high

With dignity and pride

But now she walked in shadows

With eyes she tried to hide


I’ve been an addict many years

I started back in school

Popping pills and cheap red wine

And thinking I was cool


I sold my phone and laptop

These drugs are just a curse

Took money from my brother

And I stole my mother’s purse


I’ve broken into garages

Some houses down the line

I should have gone to prison

But my mother paid my fine


I had a steady girlfriend

She would never be my wife

I had to take a tumble

I had to change my life


Now, I’ve never felt religious

But admit I’ve said a prayer

Please listen God and Jesus

And guide me into care


I’ve been living clear for 15 months

No drink or drugs no more

And I hear my mother singing

When I pass her bedroom door


Overcoming Addiction

Addiction can be treated, and with the right help and support, families can also recover. Addiction counselling and therapy are available for both those with the addiction and their families so that lives can be rebuilt and those affected can move on towards a clean and healthy sober life.

With treatments such as individual counselling, cognitive behavioural therapy, 12-step work, group therapy, and family therapy, lives can be completely changed for the better.


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