Why Famous People Are at Risk of Addiction

From the outside looking in, it would appear as though celebrities have everything – they have the fame, the wealth, and the big houses. However, life in the spotlight is not always as great as it may seem. Many celebrities deal with an enormous amount of pressure to look or behave in a certain way. They rarely get to actually be themselves as they have to put on a show wherever they are or risk being front page news.

Unfortunately, dealing with these pressures can often lead to addictive behaviour. It is not uncommon for celebrities to turn to substances such as alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription medication to help them cope with the stressful lives they lead. Abusing these substances can mean they become dependent on them to the point where they feel they cannot function without them. Addiction can lead to devastating consequences including physical and mental health problems, financial difficulties, and death from overdose.

How Fame Can Lead to Addiction

There is a definite link between fame and addiction, with many famous people turning to chemical substances as a coping mechanism. Nevertheless, many of these people have been already abusing substances before they hit the big time. Addiction is a progressive illness that can be many years in the making.

There tends to be a strong drug and alcohol abuse culture in the celebrity world. Those who are in the limelight often attend numerous social events where these substances are present, and many feel pressurised into joining in, especially if they are new to this life.

The wealth that is often associated with fame means that there is plenty of disposable income to spend on substance abuse. Nonetheless, celebrities do not just suffer from addictions to chemical substances. Some will spend large amounts of money on gambling. Many professional sports stars have been in the public eye recently for running up massive debts on gambling addictions. Some have even been forced to file for bankruptcy.

High Functioning Addicts

Addiction is an illness that affects many people around the UK, and it is not always evident from an outward appearance. The reality is that many famous individuals struggle with addiction behind closed doors in the same way that many ordinary people are. These people are known as high functioning addicts.

A high functioning addict is someone who manages to convince the outside world that he or she is doing just fine. In fact, many would be shocked to know that these people are secretly struggling with an addiction to a particular substance or activity. They display the outward appearance of being successful and, as a result, others do not look at them as having any problems.

The trouble with high functioning addicts is that they often convince themselves they do not have a problem. In their mind, they do not fit the profile of what an addict is so they cannot see the truth of their situation and they will not seek help.

The Dangers of Being a High Functioning Addict

The longer a person manages to function while also dealing with addiction, the longer it will be before he or she reaches out for help. Meanwhile, his or her addiction will be getting worse, and he/she will be at greater risk of developing a number of illnesses.

High functioning celebrity addicts often deny the problem for many years because they worry that admitting they have a problem and seeking help could have a detrimental effect on their career. They fear that they will lose everything they have and are then trapped in a life of despair and substance abuse.

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