Donations Required to Keep Recovery Clinics Running

For those suffering from addiction, feeling supported is a key element in successfully overcoming their illness once and for all. Research has found that many addicts who feel as though they have no secure support network are more likely to keep abusing the substance when compared to those who feel supported. Many recovery centres work tirelessly to support these addicted individuals and ensure that they feel supported at every step of their recovery journey. Many of these facilities rely on donations to fund their programmes. One charity was delighted to receive a generous lump-sum donation from a trust that aims to support those suffering from addiction.

Extremely Grateful

The Hebrides Alpha Project, which offers a rehabilitation programme and supported accommodation for recovering addicts, was extremely grateful to receive a donation of £15,000 from a wind farm charity, Point and Sandwick Trust. This is just the first instalment of a £30,000 fee that Hebrides Alpha will receive each year; this figure is just half of the total required to keep the project up and running. Staff have to raise their own funds and depend on public funding to raise the rest. The charity has been running since 2006, and the residential unit opened in 2011, allowing up to six people at a time to go through its extensive recovery programme.

Improving Skills

A subsidiary of the charity is Hebrides Alpha Trading, which offers services that include window cleaning to allow those with addiction issues to gain experiences through therapeutic employment. Residents at the programme must spend two days every week partaking in therapeutic employment to assist with improving their skills and job prospects. Many of these individuals will work with Hebrides Alpha Trading for their required therapeutic employment days.

Individuals are also required to attend a community self-help group such as Road to Recovery or Alcoholics Anonymous twice a week. The programme offers a range of treatments, beginning with detoxification, which takes place under medical supervision in the community, to one-on-one counselling. Experts have concluded that self-help groups are especially effective in helping those affected to overcome an addiction successfully.

So Appreciated

The manager at the Hebrides Alpha Project, Shona Macleod, explained that they were ‘so grateful’ for the donation from Point and Sandwick Trust as it will be put towards expenses such as administration, salaries and travel costs. She added, “The money is so appreciated. It is an incredible contribution to this project, and the wind farm trust really are contributing to people’s lives in this community. The money has impacted very positively, and it means that we can continue to run the service and can continue to take residents in who have serious alcohol and drug dependencies and addition to other psychological and practical problems.”

Overcoming Addiction

You may have concerns in regards to either your own or a loved one’s addiction and are not sure about how to go about overcoming this; if so, contact us here at Blue Skies Recovery. We have helped countless individuals in the same position as you who were determined to beat their addiction once and for all. We have ensured that our clinic is as comfortable as possible to help guests feel at home here, as we find that this can contribute to a faster recovery. If you would like more information or have any general enquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us today and we would be more than happy to assist.


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