Desperate Measures to Overcome an Addiction

Many people around the UK suffer from addiction. Some of these individuals will continue to abuse drugs regularly, not wanting to overcome their addiction, while others are desperate to beat their habit once and for all. Some will go to such extreme lengths to try and rid themselves of their addiction that they can actually be putting themselves at a greater risk of potential harm. Dawid Korkuc so desperately wanted to beat his heroin addiction that he borrowed money from a payday loan company to pay for treatment at a clinic that he believed to be legitimate. However, it transpired that the clinic was run by two men who had no medical qualifications at all, which led to Dawid’s untimely death.

Alarm Bells

Sixty-year-old Michael Gearty and twenty-nine-year-old Steven Ellis were found guilty of supplying unlicensed drugs to addicts who were trying to overcome their addictions at the Ibogaine Treatment Centre in Luton. The pair ran the centre even though neither of them had any medical qualifications. Thirty-six-year-old Dawid entered the clinic and was under the supposed care of Ellis for over thirty hours. During this time, he was visually monitored by Ellis and had his pulse recorded through an application on an iPad. This in itself should have raised suspicion for Dawid, as it highlighted the fact that Ellis was not a medical profession at all, despite his claims to the contrary.

Pronounced Dead

Dawid fell ill at the clinic and was pronounced dead at the scene when paramedics arrived. A toxicology report found that he had consumed heroin while at the ‘treatment’ centre, which is what ultimately caused his death. Both Gearty and Ellis received their sentences at Luton Crown Court, but the judge dismissed charges of manslaughter. Ellis was handed a nine-month sentence after admitting to the supply of an unauthorised medical product while Gearty received a twenty-one-month sentence as he admitted to two counts of failing to register as a service provider under the Health and Social Care Act 2008 and fraud.


The pair committed a crime by luring unsuspecting addicts in with the false pretence of being able to assist them when overcoming their addiction. This is what led Dawid to the clinic as he believed that he would receive some form of treatment that could help him beat his addiction once and for all. Instead, he ended up dead because of the two individuals claiming to be medical professionals. Detective Sergeant Martin Eaton said, “It’s clear to me that Gearty took advantage of vulnerable people, who were desperately trying to rid themselves of their addictions. Mr Korkuc was so desperate to get clean he paid the £1,000 with money borrowed from payday loan companies.”

Overcoming Addiction

Overcoming an addiction can be a difficult task, and many people do not know where to turn in this situation. If this sounds like a situation you are in, then get in touch with us at Blue Skies Recovery today. Our facility allows guests to feel comfortable and safe while they go through addiction treatment. We offer a range of effective treatments that are tailored to the specific requirements of the individual, which ensures the best results. If you have further queries or would like additional information on what we do and who we are, then do not hesitate to contact us. We will do everything that we can to assist you further and aid you on your recovery journey.


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