Depression is an illness clinically defined as a mood disorder characterised by persistently low spirit or poor mood. The word ‘persistently’; is the key operating word in this definition. Why? Because all of us go through temporary periods of sadness or poor spirits. That does not mean we are depressed. Depression involves feeling in poor spirits for extended amounts of time for weeks, months, or even years.

Because depression is often misunderstood, expert suggests there may be many people suffering from clinical depression who have never sought treatment of any sort. They attempt to pull themselves together, only to make matters worse when they fail. BlueSkies aims to interrupt this pattern of failure among clients who come to us for depression treatment. We believe everyone deserves the opportunity to get well from this debilitating disorder.

Symptoms of Depression

You may feel as though you could be suffering from depression, but you are not really sure. We can help. Below is a list of symptoms you can look for if you are at all concerned. If none of these symptoms is evident in your life, or they are short-lived rather than persistent, you may just be undergoing a normal period of sadness. If the symptoms are persistent, we encourage you to reach out for help. The symptoms are:

  • extreme sadness and tearfulness
  • loss of interest in previously enjoyed hobbies and activities
  • physical and emotional lethargy
  • excessive fatigue, often accompanied by insomnia
  • heightened feelings of stress and anxiety
  • heightened irritability and aggression
  • noticeable lack of appetite and sex drive
  • feeling a profound inability to cope
  • a profound inability to see any positive aspects of life
  • recurring thoughts that life may be pointless.

The most noticeable symptoms of clinical depression are emotional and mental. However, depression left untreated can lead to physical problems as well. It is not uncommon for depression patients to complain of constant aches and pains or to experience adverse side effects resulting from higher levels of stress and anxiety. In a worst-case scenario, someone suffering from untreated depression could even become suicidal.

Help and Hope

If there is one thing we want you to know about clinical depression, it is the fact that there is both help and hope. Here at BlueSkies, we take depression just as seriously as we do addiction. Some of our staff have special expertise in the area of treating depression, and we have therapies we can put in place on your behalf to help you overcome your problems. You do not have to continue living as a prisoner to depression.

At the heart of what we do is a genuine attitude of compassion for each and every client. We do not treat patients as mere numbers in a ledger; we treat each person as a human being deserving of dignity, respect and every opportunity to get well. Furthermore, we utilise a team-oriented approach that helps us maintain strong and beneficial relationships with our clients.

Depression is more than just temporary feelings of sadness or frustration. It is a real, clinical condition with verifiable symptoms and proven treatment methods. BlueSkies is ready to come alongside you if you are concerned you might be clinically depressed. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us right away.

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