Common Concerns About Addiction Treatment

If you are thinking about getting sober, you may have a number of concerns. One of the biggest fears that addicts often have is about how they are going to pay for the treatment they need. It is important to remember that there are many options available to those who want to kick their habit. Private residential treatment is often the preferred choice as it offers an intensive approach in a distraction-free environment. However, because it involves a stay of about six to eight weeks in a fully-staffed facility, it can be expensive.

You Can’t Afford Treatment

Many people worry that the cost of private addiction treatment is something they cannot afford. If this is a concern for you, think about the money you will save if you actually do get sober. Make a list of the costs you typically bear because of your addiction. Include how much you spend on alcohol or drugs every week. Now think about other related expenses; have you had to pay any legal costs for crimes committed while under the influence? Have you been charged penalties for missing payments on your mortgage or other debts? Have you had to pay to replace items in your home that you have destroyed while drunk or high?

That is not all; think about other costs such as lost items, healthcare costs, missed shifts at work. You might be surprised at how much your addiction is actually costing you and your family every year. When you weigh everything up, you might be shocked to find that your addiction is costing you far more than private treatment would.

You Can’t Leave Work

Some people also worry that they cannot be away from home for an extended period and so will put off getting treatment because of that. Some are worried that being away from work for a number of weeks will mess up their career prospects. The reality is that addiction is a life and death situation in the same way that cancer or heart disease is. If you were diagnosed with either cancer or heart disease and told you needed surgery and a number of weeks in hospital, it is very unlikely that you would put it off because of your job. It would, therefore, make sense to take your addiction just as seriously.

Remember that addiction is a progressive illness and if you ignore treatment and continue as you have been, your addiction will get worse. It will continue to cause problems in your life. Imagine how difficult it will be for you to work when your life has spiralled out of control because you cannot quit drinking or taking drugs.

Drinking is Part of Your Business

Some alcoholics feel that quitting drinking will have a serious negative impact on their business because drinking is part of the process when attempting to get new clients. Business dinners and nights out are often part and parcel of business, but there is nothing wrong in saying that you do not drink these days. It is perfectly acceptable to have a non-alcoholic drink when out with clients or at a business dinner. Just because everyone else is drinking does not mean that you have to as well. You may even find that others feel the same as you and simply do not want to get drunk while doing business.

You may have always felt that you needed to have a drink before attempting to talk to new clients and give them your sales pitch. This is very common, but it is not a necessity. It is understandable to worry that you cannot function without alcohol, but the reality is that you may be able to do your job much better while sober.

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