Birmingham City Centre to Get a New Dry Bar

Those dealing with drug or alcohol addictions are often scared over the prospects of recovery. They fear that it may be a painful process, or they are worried about the idea of having to give up the substance they have been relying on for many years. Others are afraid they will never be able to have fun again if they cannot drink or take drugs.

The thoughts of giving up alcohol or drugs can be a lot for an addict to deal with. The thought that they will not be able to join in with social activities again and will never be able to go to another party or bar with their friends or family worries them.

The good news is that sobriety does not have to be dull or void of fun. In reality, mood-altering substances are not necessary in order to have a good time, and many people today choose not to drink alcohol as it is better for their health and not because they have a problem with it. Another thing worth mentioning is that ‘dry’ bars are now becoming more popular. A dry bar is an alcohol-free pub where people who prefer not to consume alcohol can meet up with friends and family members for socialising and fun.

New Dry Bar for Birmingham

Dry bars have already proved to be successful in cities such as London, Nottingham and Liverpool, and now a new dry bar is set to open in Birmingham, thanks to Changes UK, the addiction charity established by former alcohol and drug addict Steven Dixon.

Steven struggled with a crippling addiction to both alcohol and drugs for fifteen years but managed to turn his life around and set up Changes UK to help others do the same. The charity established Recovery Central in the Social Enterprise Quarter and Creative Quarter of Birmingham City Centre, and it is here that the new dry bar will be opened. There will also be a new café, multi-purpose conference centre, and business incubator.

Steven said that the dry bar would have bands, comedians and themed nights such as Indian and Caribbean nights, to entertain punters. He added, “It is a nice, safe, environment where you can enjoy a good atmosphere without anyone spilling drinks over you. It is not just for people in recovery – a lot of people would enjoy a night out without drinks all around.”

Community Support

The new project is funded by Public Health England and will also be home to three new social enterprises, which are to be started up by individuals who have already been supported by Changes UK. These will include a recovery radio station and recording studio, a building company, and a gardening business.

Steven added, “Our service works because it is led by people who have been in similar situations and come through them, and focuses not only on tackling the problems but also giving individuals support and opportunities once they are in recovery.”

Huge Success

Changes UK has been helping many people from the community, and according to Steven Dixon, seventy-eight per cent of those who have been helped by the charity have managed to stay clean and turn their lives around. This is a fantastic achievement when compared to the national average, which stands at just eight per cent.

Recovery Central is set to open on 13th May (2016) and any money generated by it will be reinvested into the charity to allow it to become fully self-sufficient as it continues to help over two hundred people every year with their addiction issues.


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