How an Addiction Destroyed Two Friends’ Relationship

Addiction is an illness – plain and simple. It is not a condition that affects those with no morals or willpower, despite what many people believe. There is no doubting that those affected by illnesses such as alcoholism and addiction do act in a way that upsets those they are closest to, but this is because their brain has been affected by an illness.

This illness changes the way the organ functions. Those with addiction may act in a way that seems totally out of character to their loved ones. They may lie and cheat to the people they love in a bid to continue with their addictive behaviour. Once they have become addicted to a chemical substance or activity, they will lose all control over their ability to resist it and will do absolutely anything to get it. If that means hurting those they love, then so be it.

Relationship Destroyed by Addiction

Martyn Galvin and his best friend’s relationship has been destroyed after Galvin stole nearly £8,000 from his friend’s stag party fund. Galvin had been asked to be the best man and to arrange a stag weekend in Prague for seventeen people. However, when the party arrived at the airport to catch their flights to the Czech capital, they were devastated to discover that no flights or accommodation had been booked.

Galvin desperately tried to take the suspicion off himself by blaming the travel agent for mixing up the dates of the weekend. He had also previously told his best friend that he had suspected terminal bowel cancer. The groom gave a statement that read: “When Martyn told me he had suspected cancer, I was absolutely devastated for him and his family. I offered to take over the organising, but he insisted, stating a groom should never have to organise his own stag do. How could I not feel guilty? I felt I had put too much on him.”

After the theft was discovered, the groom found out that Galvin had also lied about the suspected cancer diagnosis, and went on to say in his statement: “I was told by his mum that he did not have any sort of cancer, and he had not left the house all week. I was beyond devastated. I could not believe that Martyn had done this to me.”


The groom said he is ashamed at being known as ‘the groom whose best man screwed his friends and family over money’. He is upset that Galvin spent six months conning his friends out of money and feels that he never hesitated in his bid to take the money to feed a gambling addiction.

The groom and Galvin’s relationship has been destroyed, with the groom adding, “I picked a new best man and the wedding day was the proudest, happiest day of my life with no mention of the existence of Martyn or the stag do. Since he confessed what he had done, I’ve not seen Martyn and I never want to see him again.”


Addiction often causes people to do things they feel deeply ashamed about. Although Martyn Galvin was suffering from a gambling addiction and stole from his best friend to fund it, the case is not an isolated one. Many people struggling with various addictions, including alcoholism and drug addiction, have gone to great lengths to get their hands on the substance they crave.

As in the case of Galvin, they will stop at nothing because they have no control over their actions. This can lead to devastating consequences. Sadly, any type of addiction can result in financial ruin, devastated relationships and the loss of a home. Nevertheless, treatment is available. Contact Blue Skies Recovery today if addiction is affecting your life.


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