Dealing with Addiction While in Prison

Dealing with an addiction can be difficult at the best of times; it can be even more challenging for an individual who is in prison while trying to quit. These prisoners may feel like they have little or no support while they are behind bars, and this can fuel the ‘need’ for drugs or alcohol even more. One organisation that is working tirelessly to support these individuals is the Rehabilitation for Addicted Prisoners Trust (RAPt), which supports and assists prisoners and former prisoners while they are trying to overcome their addiction. They have recently been given a grant, meaning that they can expand their services and therefore help more of these vulnerable individuals.

Giving Something Back to the Community

Thirty-seven-year-old Lloyd Streeton spent most of his time in prison suffering from a drug and alcohol addiction; the only reason he managed to overcome his severe illness was because RAPt had started in Wandsworth. He owes his life to this rehabilitation project and now that he is free of his addiction he has been volunteering for the organisation so that he can give something back to the community. He explained, “I’ve now got a job as a support worker at a housing organisation. I’ve made a conscious effort to find work that means I can give back what was given to me.”

‘It Changed My Life’

Speaking of the rehabilitation programme, he said, “It changed my life. I left prison not long after. They arranged for someone to meet me at the gate the day I got out to get me to rehab where I’d got a place. One of the first people I bumped into when I got out was someone I used to know from my ‘using’ days, who was begging on the street. I thought that could so easily have been me if I hadn’t got that help.”

RAPt was recently presented with a grant of £123,400 by the City of London Corporation’s Bridge Trust so that they can continue to develop these life-changing services for former prisoners. The services allow these individuals to meet with a support worker, who will then help them through addiction recovery while ensuring that they remain focused and determined to stay away from alcohol and drugs.

Transforming Your Life

The trust was originally set up over 26 years ago in Haggerston, to assist those who were suffering from drug and alcohol addictions and to help them to overcome these addictions and stay away from crime. It now helps over 15,000 people every year and allows these individuals to have a second chance at a sober and happier life; they are provided with employment skills and are helped to find housing; they also learn how to make amends with loved ones whom they have hurt throughout their addiction. One of the directors at the trust, Hannah Fox, said, “Anyone can transform their life with the right support away from drugs and crime to become a productive member of society. The grant will help us change the lives of many more people.”

Support When Overcoming Addiction

Many individuals need help for addiction, and not just those behind bars. You may have concerns regarding yourself or a loved one’s addiction and could be unsure of what steps to take next. If this sounds like your situation, get in touch with us here at Blue Skies Recovery, and we will do everything we can to assist you further through your recovery process. We have assisted hundreds of individuals around the UK in beating their addiction and have excellent success rates. If you would like some support when overcoming your addiction, then do not hesitate to contact us.

Source: RAP Trust gets cash from City of London to help rehabilitate jailed addicts (East London Advertiser)

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