A Message from Us

As someone seeking help for an addiction problem, would you be more inclined to seek assistance from people who have gone through similar experiences? If so, this staff at BlueSkies want you to know that we are passionate about what we do because most of us have been where you are. The majority of our staff have already completed their own journey of recovery and now do what they do out of a genuine desire to help others.

BlueSkies was created to provide a special place where people with addictions could receive the best possible care and treatment. At the same time, we are also committed to making our treatment as affordable as possible to as many as possible.

Our accommodations and care centre are modern, smart, and well-maintained facilities to ensure a safe and comfortable environment in which to complete recovery. We believe we offer a unique service and environment making it possible for our clients to focus on their challenges in order to recover from addiction and move into lives free of alcohol, drugs, or other addictive behaviours.

Please note that our team is entirely dedicated to helping those with addictions achieve full and complete recovery. Our staff is comprised of fully trained and qualified counsellors working alongside a highly trained support team. When we refer to our staff as a team it because they all work together to help clients understand the nature of addiction and the rewards of recovery.

The feedback that BlueSkies receives from clients is evidence of our successful treatment model and team approach. We invite you to contact us to find out more about how BlueSkies can help you or a loved one. Our number one priority is to ensure you or your loved one puts addictive behaviour behind you once and for all.